Identity Events List

On this page, we list recent (within the last five years) and upcoming major conferences, symposia and workshops on the archaeology of identity, in order to show how the issue remains a live one in academic circles. This page will be constantly updated, so if we’ve missed any, please let us know!


Materializing identities: session theme of the 6th World Archaeological Congress, University College Dublin, Ireland, 29th June – 4 July

Material Connections: Mobility, Materiality and Mediterranean Identities: symposium held at the University of Glasgow, 19-20 March. See our review of the resulting volume here.


Identity, interaction and cultural change: session theme of the 15th Annual Meeting of the EAA, Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy, 15-20 September

Identity Crisis: Archaeology and Problems of Social Identity: theme of the 42nd Annual Chacmool Conference, Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary, 13-15 November. PDF of the proceedings can be ordered here.


Mediterranean Identities: conference held at the University of Leicester, 26-28 March

Materializing Identities: conference held to celebrate the work of Mike Rowlands on his retirement from the Department of Archaeology, University College London, 11 November. Some of the papers were later published in the Journal of Material Culture, 2011 16 (4).


Identity studies theory and the methodological challenges: session at TRAC (Theroetical Roman Archaeology Conference), Newcastle, 14-17 April

Interpreting Identity: Our construct or theirs? 2-day symposium held at the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast, 27-28 May. An edited volume is forthcoming; follow updates on Facebook

Cultural heritage and the formation and articulation of identities: session theme of the 17th Annual Meeting of the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists), Oslo, Norway, 14-18 September

Fingerprinting the Iron Age: Approaches to Identity in the European Iron Age. Integrating South-Eastern Europe into the Debate: conference held at the McDonald Institute, Cambridge University, 23-25 September


Identity and Connectivity: theme of the 16th SOMA (Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology), Florence, Italy, 1-3 March

Engaging with Identities: Medieval Postgraduate Symposium: to be held at the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University, 2 June

Imperialism and Identities at the Edges of the Roman World: conference to be held at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, September 20-23

Creating Material Worlds: Theorising Identity in Archaeology: symposium held at the University of Glasgow 23-24 November: subscribe to this page for more details of the publication!



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